Alhona Vineyards Winemaker's Journal


The Estate Owner's Blend has been aging in oak for a very long time and it's now time to put this lovely wine into bottles. The bottling machine, as most all wine equipment, is made of stainless steel. We have a 7-spout filler, which means we can fill 7 bottles at at time. An experienced filler can fill many cases in the span of one hour. The bottle filler is attached by hose to a tank containing the wine. The wine is gravity fed into the reserve of the filler, each bottle is then blasted with high pressure nitrogen gas which will remove any tiny particles of dust, if any are present, and provides an oxygen-free environment for the wine.

We will perform 3 specific tasks during bottling; 1) fill the bottles with wine; 2) move the filled bottles to the corker where the corks are applied; and 3) apply the foils (which is called 'spinning').

The bottles are then cleaned and placed upside down into cartons awaiting labeling. The entire process is performed by hand - one person on the filler, one person on the corker, one person on the spinner applying the foils and two people filling boxes, then moving them onto wooden pallets for storage.

At this time the cases are not sealed and will remain this way until the front and back labels are received from the supplier. Upon receipt we will reopen the boxes, apply the front and back labels by hand then place the completed bottle into the case for further aging. Once the process is complete the cases of wine are placed in our wine storage area which is a cool, dark room where the wine can rest until it is sold to restaurants, hotels and our private client list.

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