In today’s modern world, vineyards can push vines to produce a grape within three years. However, in 1992 and thereafter, the Alhonas intentionally stripped their young vines of any fruit. This radical practice allowed the vines to use their energy to establish a vast, strong root system. This practice is a return to the old European wine growers who believed this would add longevity to the vines, and thus to the entire vineyard.

In keeping with old world tradition, Alhona wines are similarly handcrafted in small batches. Grapes are carefully sorted to ensure only the finest of fruit and then placed in small 450 gallon, stainless steel fermenting tanks. Once fermented the wine is transferred to small oak barrels where it will age from 18 to 24 months. After bottling, the wine will remain in our cellar for a minimum of 12 months before it’s release.

2002 Carmel Valley Merlot

The 2002 harvest consisted of 5 and one quarter tons of small, intensely flavored Merlot berries, which produced a very dark, sophisticated wine. This Merlot is filled with fruit that is rich in flavor, depth and complexity. The Alhona’s objective is to produce the finest artisan wine possible.

This beautifully etched and hand painted 6 liter bottle contains eight 750 ml (regular) bottles of wine. With over 600 guests in attendance at the “Home For the Holidays” auction, sponsored by the Silicon Valley Board of Realtors to benefit the homeless, this magnificent bottle of wine commanded a price of $700.00. Alhona Vineyards commissioned 12 large format bottles to be given at charitable auctions in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay area.